Bodywork for PTSD 2

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(Prerequisite for this course: Completion of Bodywork for PTSD 1 )

The power of ‘healthy touch’ is needed more today than ever. This workshop helps students gain an understanding of what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is and its many presentations. Explore what the therapeutic role is with attention paid to the scope of practice. (This is specific to each state. Please be familiar with the rules/laws in your area) Discussion covers various stress activators and explores a deeper understanding of how this condition affects the body and its tissues.

The lecture reviews hands-on techniques from Bodywork for PTSD 1 (offered in Bozeman, MT in August of 2020). The techniques will be explored and practiced from both the therapist and client perspectives. A respectful environment fosters time to grow confidence through interactive, hands-on exercises and focused instructor attention. Learn integrative methods that reduce physical compensation by the body. Help and change come through a neutral touch and gentle, soft tissue decompression.

Bodywork for PTSD 2 – 14 CEU – Course Objective

  • Maximize comprehension and integration with the techniques and content from Bodywork for PTSD 1
  • Learn additional techniques to establish increasing trust and rapport through touch
  • Looking at restriction, resistance, and ease through interdisciplinary approaches
  • Treat specific or holistic with new whole-body protocols engineered to optimize the capabilities of the healing body

Hear what Matthew has to say about the importance of trauma informed bodywork! Click Here 

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