Whiplash: Not Just a Pain in the Neck

Whiplash: Not Just a Pain in the Neck


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We look forward to seeing you September 18 and 19th in Bozeman!

You will receive an email about 2 weeks before the course notifying you of any supplies you will need to bring.

The course will be held at Great Northern Physical Therapy, located at 1419 North 14th Ave, Unit A, Bozeman, MT 59715

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“Whiplash” is Not Just a Pain in the Neck, is a workshop designed to provide a deep understanding of the physical mechanisms of acceleration-type injuries. We will combine this with the knowledge of the physiological effects of massage therapy and use critical thinking to select a variety of massage techniques that work based individual needs session by session. This workshop does not advocate one technique or style for the treatment of “whiplash” although the majority of the class is hands-on. Rather it promotes applying the theoretical constructs of whiplash injuries to design and implement treatment strategies.


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